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Become an Exceptional Speaker - Acquire the Skills of an Accomplished Presenter


The quickest and most effective way to master any important skill including public speaking is to enlist the services of a professional coach. Why? Because the practical element, so crucial for rapid improvement is added. In addition to learning critical delivery skills this means delivering your presentation or speech to your coach whilst being recorded. The footage is played back and referred to during coaching for feedback and guidance. This can be accomplished either in person or online. There is no more effective learning method than doing.

Paul du Toit, CSP author of You Can Present With Confidence and co-author of The Exceptional Speaker provides one-on-one presentation skills and speaker coaching. 

Presentation skills coaching students receive a copy of the book “You Can Present With Confidence” at the end of the first session as part of the coaching package. Speaker coaching students receive a copy of The Exceptional Speaker.  These international publications provide a sound theory base to build on during practical coaching sessions. One-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled by mutual arrangement in person or virtually via Skype or Zoom.

Coaching packages range from 3 to 12 months. Contact us for more information.

"I panicked when I was asked to deliver the commencement speech at Hofstra University in New York and seriously considered declining the invitation out of a fear of public speaking. Four sessions with Paul was what it took to transform the fear to confidence and to actually enjoy delivering the speech!"

- Kurt Lambert, Founder, Harcourt Investment Consulting.

To contact us please complete and submit our contact form or email us at for details, a brief and/or a quotation. You can also phone +27829295470 (RSA) for a chat or we can set one up via Zoom.

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For more information on The Exceptional Speaker go here (you will be directed to a different website) where you can also access details about The Exceptional Speaker Masterclass.

For help with your “Father of the Bride” speech (one of our specialities) please click on the icon below to watch our video – or be in touch.

“Dearest Paul (My rockstar coach) Thank you for the peace in my soul, the joy in my voice and the calmness in my body as I step out onto the metaphorical global stage. Thank you for growing my wings and allowing me to feel the thermals”

- Alison Weihe, Author of Belonging (April 2022)