Paul du Toit
about Paul du Toit

CSP, SASHoF, SAEHoF, SdPFA, CVP, FPSA (Hon), Author & Expert Presentation Skills Facilitator

Paul du Toit is a presentation skills specialist, speaker and the author of 2 public speaking  books “You Can Present With Confidence” and  “The Exceptional Speaker” (Revised Edition), the latter co-authored with Alan Stevens. He blogs on presentation skills and his articles have been regularly published. He is the designer of the course “Present With Confidence” the main component of the system that ensures transfer of presentation skills theory into results.

Paul is one of Southern Africa's most decorated speakers.

Paul is a certified Speaking Professional (New York, 2008) and a Global Speaking Fellow (Vancouver 2013). He is one of only a few holding both the SA Speakers Hall of Fame (2017) and the SA Educators Hall of Fame (2020). He has satisfied the eSpeakers criteria as a Certified Virtual Presenter. Paul has trained, coached and facilitated presentation skills since 1999.

Paul’s enduring success in presentation skills facilitation is his proven reliance on experiential learning techniques and an insistence that personal belief is the cornerstone of skill. He insists that people that fill their heads with hope, persistence and a teachable spirit will inevitably succeed. He has developed, with his co-author “The Exceptional Speaker” Masterclass concept which has been successfully delivered internationally.

Paul is the managing director of  Congruence Training based in Sandton, South Africa, which develops human capital from companies of all sizes. He is a founding member and past president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (2005-2006).

He runs marathons for fitness and fun, having completed 13 Two Oceans and 3 Comrades ultra marathons late in life.

He lives in Sandton, South Africa and is married to Trudi. He has 2 daughters, 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 guitars and 2 avocado trees.

Why should Paul facilitate your presentation skills programme?

Paul believes that whilst reading or attending lectures provides the foundation of presentation skills techniques, these must be entrenched practically. The desired levels of excellence are only achieved through repeated practice. This experiential training involves delegates preparing, delivering and evaluating the recorded evidence afterwards – only to do it again more than once. This way he achieves tangible results for his delegates who experience substantial skills shift and heightened confidence levels immediately. Find out more about our system here.

Paul's Congruence e-zine has over 3,500 opt-in subscribers.

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