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Frequently Asked Questions

We can accommodate up to 12 delegates per course in-person. For online it’s best to work with between 6-9 people per group.

Yes they most definitely can, and very effectively. We now offer a choice of online or in-person. Both have a substantial practical element.

In-person is 2 full days. Presentations are prepared and delivered in class.

Online it’s 4 days on consecutive afternoons. You should bring a pre-prepared 4 minute presentation to deliver on course (no slides needed).

The downside is that you do not have an “in person” audience with you in the same room and therefore the networking element may be affected. It may also be difficult if you do not have good bandwidth.

There are several major advantages to an online video course:

  1. Travel time is eliminated – you save time and transport costs
  2. Much less classroom time
  3. Cost efficient as no venue and catering costs – savings are passed on to the client / delegate
  4. Larger or smaller groups can be accommodated
  5. No group work – you submit your own recorded presentations for review.
  6. You also learn how to present online, in addition to presenting to an “in person” audience, so you get 2 courses rolled into one.
Yes, the course is “live” and there will be an experienced facilitator with the class for the duration of each session.

We record your presentations online and play them back to you through the system. We evaluate the recording online with you and provide you with feedback – all via Zoom. The rest of the delegates are your audience.

Yes, this will be couriered to you. In the event you are attending a public course it will be dispatched to you once your course fee is received.

Yes, upon completion of the course you receive a virtual PDF certificate of attendance with your name spelled as you sent it to us.

Yes, fully registered delegates are emailed pre-work to engage in online prior to the commencement of the course.

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