Present With Confidence System

Course Outline

Present With confidence is a 2 day course divided into 4 sections. There is a 5th section in the course manual containing pre-work notes for an optional day 3. The full manual outline is as follows:

Section 1

  • Preparation
  • Planning and research
  • Practice
  • Managing time
  • Basic requirements – presenter and audience
  • Presentation structure

Section 2

  • Handling questions – Introduction to TRACT
  • Getting started
  • Combating nerves (the five greatest fears)
  • Using cue cards
  • Relaxation and calming methods
  • Targeting

Section 3

  • Balancing enthusiasm and sincerity
  • Attitude
  • Eye contact
  • Body Language
  • Dress code
  • Tone of Voice

More short videos below answer the questions”Why presentation skills?”, “What happens on course”, “What different” and “How to prepare to come on course”
Section 4

  • The purpose of visuals & technology
  • Use of equipment
  • Visual aids
  • Important rules about visuals
  • Avoiding common slide show pitfalls
  • Preparation of visuals (slides)
  • Use of a mouse
  • Hot keys for PowerPoint/Keynote presentations
  • Flip charts

Section 5

  • Purpose of practical follow-up
  • Pre-work instructions
  • Evaluation sheet
A separate quotation is required for the optional follow up day

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