It’s A Set-Up!

No matter how well you’ve prepared your presentation, there is a point at which your time has run out. When the minutes start counting down and you have just an hour before you’re due to go live, where exactly will you be? You can be in a relaxed state, well prepared, having just parked outside […]

Maximum Impact Speaking

When you speak to an audience you want to get your message across with impact, and within your allotted time. You may further wish to inform and persuade. Here are your tools: The sound of your voice (sometimes amplified) Your presentation content Your content structure (how effectively your content is organised) Your topic knowledge (additional […]

Fail To Prepare, Expect Disaster.

There are many ways to deliver a good speech. And there is more than one way to prepare a dazzling presentation. But it’s unusual to hear a good speech or presentation that did not involve preparation in one form or another. Here are some common scenarios: You’ve studied your topic and know your stuff. Your […]