Presentation: Setting Up – The Final Step

Having done the hard yards – preparation, practice, fine tuning of visuals and your final check there are just a few more thing left to do: you need to get there on time, set up properly and deliver. This can often be the time that a very well rehearsed presentation can still be undone. But […]

Content Lures, Performance Delights

When you are asked to speak to an audience there’s an assumption that you know enough about the topic to do it justice. The audience will assume that you can at least strike an appropriate balance between confirming what they know and adding some juicy – and relevant bits that they don’t!  The organiser should […]

Can You Present Without Visuals?

The answer to this question is yes, but how do you do it and what, if any are the benefits? Slide shows are a modern innovation. Overhead projectors only went mainstream in the 1980’s, 35mm slides a few years later and data projectors after the turn of the century. One would think that these technological […]