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Carrying on from last week, if you haven’t been videoed doing a presentation lately (or don’t practice your talks in front of the mirror) you may not be aware of what your body language is telling your audience. Your popularity will be determined 55% by this factor alone. Words account for only 7% and your tone of voice in between at 38%. My experience as a facilitator of presentation skills training shows that most people who do any form of public speaking fidget so badly that their audiences lose the message altogether – as they’re too busy waiting for the next antic. In the process the presenter loses credibility.

You simply must get a look at yourself before you go live. Trust me on this one. Confident body language will set you up for delivery of your content. Your easiest options are to practice in front of a mirror or make a video of your presentation.

Am I going on a bit about this one? Sure I am – because it’s that important.

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