Professional Personal Presentation and Speaker Coaching

Learn to present by doing

Learn to present by doing

The quickest and most effect way to master any important skill is to use a professional coach. This is particularly valid for any form of public speaking skill where a practical element is crucial for rapid improvement. This means delivering your presentation or speech to your coach whilst being recorded. The footage is played back and referred to during coaching.

Paul du Toit, CSP provides one-on-one presentation skills and speaker coaching, usually in 90 minute sessions. Coaching packages range from 2 – 12 sessions, and from 2 weeks to a full year.

Presentation skills coaching students receive a copy of the book “You Can Present With Confidence” at the end of the first session as part of the coaching package. Speaker coaching students receive a copy of “The Exceptional Speaker”. Both books are published in hard cover. These international publications provide a sound theory base to build on during practical coaching sessions.

You can participate in these one-on-one coaching sessions in person or virtually via Skype or Zoom.

Coaching students who are actively delivering presentations report rapid improvement in skills and confidence.

Please contact us at, Tel +27829295470 (RSA) for details, a brief and/or a quotation.

For more coaching tips visit our YouTube channel pauldutoit1.